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  • Welcome,
    This Website is a community site and has been set up for Holden Car Fans, Enthusiasts, Club Members throughout Australia and New Zealand wanting to buy and/or sell any Holden related products new or used in an auction or classified sales format. This site offers a service on the net like a newspaper classified format for those Car fans who collect and restore vehicles and are looking for those hard to find parts that maybe in someone�s shed. The Site is FREE to join � with FREE listings (except on cars) so you can list as many items as you like and only pay a small final fee if and when your item sells. If your listing does not sell then there are no fees to pay. When you sign up you are credited with $6.60 site credit so if you were to list a car, it would cost you nothing. Placing a Wanted Ad cost nothing. Reach an audience that is looking for and interested in what you have to sell.

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    All You Need To Know About Car Tyres For Holdens

    Having the posh and the exclusive car model is the great achievement. But, it’s more satisfying when you make sure that the car is in a best condition every time from car tyres for holdens. Purchasing the new tyres ranks attractive far down on a list of the things most people want to do with the time and also money.


    But the car repair and the maintenance need to start with the car tyres. This is normally because the car tyres offers the dynamic interface which is between the street and car. They surely play the chief role to the car performance and the safety. It’s for these reasons that, you need to make sure that you have the right tyres for your car.  For all of your tyre needs, we recommend Ozzy Tyres.


    There are several types of car tyres for holdens and you need to be very cautious to find the right ones. Choosing the best one is not any easy job. You can find it massive and off-putting, but you need to try finding the right variety. You are needed to research very well and know the design which will fit the car impeccably and give it a new and interesting look.


    Before, you start your search, you need to make certain that you know the type of car tyres that you have or you have been using on your car. At this point, you need to find out further about their size and get any information that will guide you to the top in the market.


    As you find and pick out the best, you need to be very thoughtful and find car tyres for holdens that will match your driving habits and the make of your car. For this you can take a look at the vehicle’s manual. If you’re used to driving at the higher speed, you are needed to set the sights on such the tyres which are able to resist wear and tear. Those who drive on country roads need to purchase car tyres that have a low speed ranking so that they can be capable of resisting any kind of wear and tear and finish up saving more on tyre repairs. And consequently, the design that you will select should save you more money and time.

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      Start Date   Start Bid   Auction Title  
     10 Aug. 2007 17:40:12  420.00 AUD Hayman Reece Tow Bar for Holden VY-VZ Brand New Picture BUY NOW
     10 Aug. 2007 14:42:39  180.00 AUD HKTG Wheel spats / Fender skirts Picture BUY NOW
     10 Aug. 2007 06:05:27  14.95 AUD BOYS POLO SHIRT HRT SIZE 12 BRAND NEW WITH TAGS Picture BUY NOW
     10 Aug. 2007 04:11:22  599.00 AUD 500 XMAS CARDS WITH HOLDEN THEME Picture BUY NOW
     10 Aug. 2007 04:11:22  220.00 AUD 100 XMAS CARDS WITH HOLDEN THEME Picture BUY NOW

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      Time Left   Currently   Auction Title  
      23h 50m  160.00 AUD  EJ-EH Wheel spats / Fender skirts Picture
      1 day, 10h 22m  5.00 AUD  HOLDEN RACING TEAM T SHIRT XL BRAND NEW Picture BUY NOW
      2 days, 5h 44m  1,500.00 AUD  HR Holden 1966 station wagon with rego Picture BUY NOW
      3 days, 2h 2m  300.00 AUD  VE SS Chev Grille Picture
      3 days, 4h 55m  180.00 AUD  HKTG Wheel spats / Fender skirts Picture BUY NOW

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      Start Date   Wanted Ad Title
     10 Aug. 2007 19:49:52 hj twin headlight
     30 Jul. 2007 15:46:42 hk/t/g parts wanted
     29 Jul. 2007 15:11:52 LC 2 DOOR TORANA WANTED
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